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Are You Expecting?


This is an exciting time and we look forward to the opportunity to share in the journey of parenthood with you!  Here are some things to consider when choosing a medical home for your newborn:

  1. Please read Are we a good fit for you?  Excellent care happens when the physicians and office staff are aligned with your family priorities and philosophies regarding medical care (i.e. vaccines, use of antibiotics, office hours, etc.). 
  2. Know that the physicians of ESCC are happy to answer any questions you might have. Our physicians offer prenatal visits with expectant parents in the mornings before clinic. Please call our office to schedule your visit. These visits are a great way to get to know your potential pediatrician and to get comfortable with our office. Prenatal visits are not required, and there is no charge for these visits. 
  3. Hospitalist pediatricians will care for your child in the newborn nursery of the hospital of your choice. We ask you to schedule a newborn visit with our office 2-3 days after discharge from the hospital. If circumcisions are not offered at the hospital where you delivered and you desire for your son to be circumcised, we will schedule for the procedure to be perfomed at our clinic. 
  4. Check to see if we are a participating provider under your insurance. Please contact our office or refererence our Insurance page if you have questions about your insurance plan. 

Important note for parents:  

It is extremely important that you add your new baby to your health insurance policy once your baby is born. Most insurance plans have a 30 day grace period for newborns to be added. Once the grace period has expired, if the baby has not been added, the parent will be responsible for charges incurred. Please remember to bring your insurance card, co-pay, and patient forms to your first visit.